In this guide, we are going to see how you can use Lemlist in Recipes to push emails from TexAu to your Lemlist campaigns.

Let's see how to do it. 

Adding leads to Lemlist campaign using TexAu

Here are the step by step guide on how to do add your leads from TexAu to your Lemlist campaign.

Step 1: Add Lemlist API key in your global variables.

Since we are going to use Lemlist in different Recipes and CRM, best would be to copy Lemlist API key and adding it in TexAu account as a global variable.

  • Login to your Lemlist account and go to your integrations page or click on this link -
  • You will see "API" section and you API will be mentioned there
  • Copy your API key and let's go to TexAu accounts page and then variables. 
  • Click on new variable and then give it a good name, something like Lemlist-API-Key  or Lemlist_Key  and paste your key there.

Now Lemlist API key has been added as a global variable and you can use across the whole platform.

Let's see how to use Lemlist with Recipes. 

Step 2: Using Lemlist with TexAu Recipes

Lemlist takes email and adds that emails in the campaign. First name, last name and all other fields are optional. Since email is a mandatory field, Lemlist integration will only work with Recipe where you are getting emails in results of any Spice. 

So "Extract emails from website" , "Email finder", "Contact Info Extractor" are some of the Spices where Lemlist integration will be very useful. If you are using any Email based Spices in your Recipe, you can use Lemlist to push that email to your campaign.

To use Lemlist integration, 

  • Click on Lemlist icon and select "Add a lead in a campaign on Lemlist"
  • In the inputs, click on "Insert Variable" for Lemlist API key and select Global variables, you will your Lemlist API key variable there that we had created in the previous step. Simply add that variable.
  • As soon as you add the key, we dynamically fetch the campaigns for you. You just need to select the campaign in the next input by clicking on the insert variable button. 
  • Now that you have added the campaign. Simply map the email field from the Spices you have used and our integration will be add the leads in your Lemlist campaign. 
  • Let's run our Recipe and see the results.

So now you know how to use Lemlist with TexAu Recipes!

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