Here is the step by step process to add ProxyMesh proxy on TexAu.

Step 1: Getting the data from ProxyMesh

Login to ProxyMesh account and go to dashboard or simply visit this link →

  • In the above screenshot you're seeing two things, proxy IP addresses for different locations and then 'Subscription Plan' table which contains the username.

So now we will prepare the fields. From the proxy list, select the proxy which is nearest to you, ProxyMesh has country based IPs and then for the US, they have few state based proxies as well. Select the one which is most suitable to you.

I'm going to use  for Washington, US proxy. You choose which is best for you, this contains the URL and also the port.

Step 2: Preparing the format for TexAu

  • As in the above ProxyMesh screenshot you have ProxyURL:Port and Password.
  • On TexAu you will need ProxyName, Proxy URL, Username and password.
  • ProxyName - it can be anything you like. We recommend writing something like CITYNAME-PROVIDER  to easily identify this proxy is of which city and from which provider. Ex - US-CA-PROXYMESH 
  • Proxy - This will be in this format: http://PROXY:PORT   which you already have on the proxy list table.
  • Username - This will be username  that you are seeing on the subscription plan table right below the proxy list table on ProxyMesh.
  • Password - This will be your ProxyMesh account password.

Now we have all the data ready. Let's add and see Test our Proxy.

Final Step 3: Adding the proxy details on TexAu

  • Login to TexAu and go to accounts page or simply go here →
  • Go to Proxy tab and click on "New Proxy" button.
  • Add all the details that we prepared from the previous steps and click on "Test proxy" button.

If the proxy location seems perfect. Click on "Update proxy" and you're all set.

Step 4: Using proxy with TexAu Spices

Now you can use proxy with any Spice, simply click on the "Use Proxy" switch and select the proxy you want to use.

Step 5: Proxy with TexAu Recipes

On your Recipe page, you'll find the same switch, simple enable it and select the proxy, click Done.

That's it!

Hope this article was useful.

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