We are all SaaS or business owners and we know that everything can not be bulletproof and work as want, always. Life will be no fun you know if everything works as want always 🙈😉

TexAu Spices are depended on social media platforms and if anything changes on these websites, for example, any change in the HTML of the platform, we have to update it right away on our side to keep our automations available and bug-free. There can be slight delays sometimes or if it can be an issue on our server-side, Spice may not work as expected. Let's see how we can debug any Spice and also help the TexAu team in fixing it quickly.

I have listed some basic scenarios and what you should do in these cases. If nothing works, reach out to support and ask us to fix this.

So let's get started.

1: Making sure a fresh cookie and all the inputs are properly added

Simply make sure you are adding a new cookie using our extension and also crosscheck all the input data that you have added. If you are using Google sheet then check the column name and position in Google sheet.

60% of the queries we receive are mostly due to adding incorrect data.

2: If you are getting frequent cookie update issue

In case, if you start getting update cookie frequently, there is a problem with your proxy service. Turn off proxy once and then try the Spice again. See if you are still getting the same update cookie messages. If yes then, reach out to support else your proxy is not working well.

3: Execution completed but no results

In this case, simply check the input once and also verify manual if there is data present on the provided input. If yes, there there is possibly an issue else we know there is no data. 😉

How to help TexAu team in fixing things quickly?

If you are reporting an issue with any Spice, the more details we get faster it will be to fix it.

  1. Copy and paste the all logs
  2. If possible, share the input that you tried
  3. Any screenshot or screen recordings are extremely helpful
  4. When it happens? Was it working before and now not working or if never worked for you?

Answer to these questions will tremendously help us in moving things faster and fix any Spice quickly. You will be directly helping us in saving time we spend in testing and reproducing the issue if we don't get enough details.

I hope this guide was useful.

This complete the basics of TexAu Spices. In the next section we will work on TexAu Recipes.

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