💡The limits that you are seeing below are the actual platform limits, on TexAu, we keep half of the actual limit mentioned below to keep accounts safe and the platform away from abuse. 📣

Before you read the limits, please check the following most asked questions about limits.

(?) What happens when we are using Google Sheet or CSV and reach the limit?
➡️ If you are using Google Sheet or CSV to process lots of data, we simply pause the Spice when the limit is reached and start it again the next day.

(?) What happens in case of single data point?
➡️ For single automation, when the limit is reached, we simply stop the automation and show you a message in the logs.

So here are all the platform limits.

Twitter [Limits / Day]

  • New accounts follow AND unfollow: 1000
  • Total Tweets you can send: 2400
  • Total DMs (Direct Messages) you can send: 1000
  • New accounts that can follow you: Unlimited

Maximum accounts you can follow:

  • If your followers count is less than 5000, then you can follow up to 5000.
  • If your followers count is great than 5000, you can follow 10% more than your total followers. For example:
  • Your followers => 20,000, total accounts you can follow:

20,000 % 10 => 2,000 + 20,000 => 22,000

Medium [ Limits / Day ]

  • New accounts you can follow: 125
  • Daily Clap Limit: So far, we haven't seen anyone getting blocked for too much clapping. 👏 . So this number is unknown.


These limits are for Warmed up Instagram accounts. If you just created your Instagram account, please first warm up your account and then use our automations. Here is our detailed guide on how to warm Instagram account.

  • New accounts you can follow: 500 / day
  • Total comments you can write: 250 Pictures / day
  • Total pictures you can like: 800 / day
  • Total accounts you can unfollow: 500 / day
  • Total hashtags you can add in one post: 30
  • Total character limit on any Instagram post: 2200

⚠️ Total maximum number of profiles you can follow on Instagram: 7500

Facebook [ Limits / Day ]

  • Total groups you can join: 25
  • Total pages you can like: 25
  • Total friends you can add: 2500 from personal account and 10K from your facebook page.
  • Total friend requests you can accepts: 1500
  • Total new friends requests you can send: 499
  • Total likes you can do on any post, picture or anything: 5000

⚠️ Total Recipients you can have in one message: 150⚠️ Total messages you can send: 30 Messages in 30 Seconds but we recommend you to keep this number low. Heavy usages may get your account flagged.

LinkedIn [ Limits / Day ]

  • Total connection requests you can send: 50 for normal users and 250-300 for premium users.
  • Total searches you can do: 300 for normal users and Unlimited for Premium
  • Total messages you can send: 140 for warmed up and 300+ for premium


  • Total invitations you can accept: 30,000
  • Total people you can have in one conversation: 50
  • Total pending invitations you can accumulate: 1500 max
  • Total groups you can manage: 30
  • Total groups you can join: 100
  • Total mentions you can do in a post: 20
  • Total pending invitations you can accumulate: 1500 max

🚧 We recommend you to first warm up for your fresh LinkedIn account before running any automations. Also don't consume all the limits at once, spread it over the delay. For example, if you send 50 connections in just few minutes using automation then you account may get flagged. 🚧

Hope you find this useful.

In the next article we will see how some basic terms and their meanings, terms that decide our pricing structure. 🙂

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