What is a cookie?

Let's first understand in simple terms what are cookies.

  • Cookies are set of characters that web servers pass to our browsers when we visit any website.
  • Our browser stores that characters and when we request another page from website, our browser sends that cookie back to the server, which identifies you, such as your name, interests and previous activity.
  • Almost all sites use cookies for analytics, recommendation and targeting ads.

How TexAu uses cookies to authenticate?

TexAu uses cookies to authenticate to any website as you. It means whatever data that you are seeing when you login to the website, we see all the same. Many users ask us if we can extract emails or any private data so that is not possible with TexAu. If you are able to see something on the website then our automations can extract those details for you.

What are cookies name for different social media platforms?

We have created this table to easily find cookie names inside the browser. Many sites create multiple cookies to store different details.

How to get cookies using TexAu Chrome Extension

TexAu Chrome Extension lets you easily grab cookies and you don't need to open "Inspect Element" to find cookie manually. If you have ever face any issue with our Chrome Extension you can refer this article to grab cookies manually.

So let's see this simple steps to grab cookies automatically using our extension.

  1. Download TexAu Chrome Extension from Chrome Web store.
  2. Go back to app.texau.com  and refresh the page 1-2 times.
  3. You should see the button on automation page changing from "Get Cookie Extension" to "Get Cookie" - if not  then you may have to refresh one more time to reflect it.
  4. Now open the platform you want to run automation on. For example, for LinkedIn automation, you need to be logged in to LinkedIn. If you login and close the tab, extension will still be able to grab the cookie.
  5. On Spice page, simply click on "Get Cookie" button and it will fill the cookie for you.

What if extension doesn't work?

If the cookie extension is not working for you, please report it to us or by writing an email to

support [at] texau [dot] com . We have also written an article on how to grab cookies manually, please check here - https://support.texau.com/en/articles/3308823-how-to-get-cookies-manually-for-texau-spices

Now the time has come to run our first Spice and see how TexAu works. 🚀🎉

Let's move to the next guide on Running our first Spice.

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