Using TexAu you can easily automate social media platforms and get the results in just few minutes. TexAu also lets you set up complex workflows by connecting multiple social media platforms together.

To make the most of TexAu proxies are very important. It keeps your social accounts safe. We have already written a article on Proxies and how to choose a proxy.

Check which proxy is best for you 👇

Platform based guides 

We have guides specific to the platform here.

Please check below, in case if you are using a proxy whose guide is not present here, please reach out to us and we will add it here. 🙂


For Luminati, please read this guide


For ProxyMesh, please check this guide 👇

For others,

In general, you will need

  • Proxy URL and IP address
  • PORT
  • Username
  • Password

Check if you are able to get these details from your provider.

In the proxy fields,

  • ProxyName  - It can be anything that you like. 
  • Proxy  - It will be in this format. http://PROXY:PORT  or http://IP:PORT  [ Just in case http  does not work, try https  ]
  • Username  - This will be provided by your proxy service, if not then try your proxy provider account username. 
  • Password  - This may also be provided separately by your provider, if not then it will be your proxy provider's account password. 

Hope this helps. 

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