TexAu platform is an automation company and proxies are really important for many Spices (Automation Scripts) to work properly and keep user accounts safe.

Let's see how websites track user logins and checks for suspicious activity.

Security is very critical for any website and for most social websites, it is the most critical part. Websites keep track of user logins, locations, IP-address, timestamp of each login, the total duration of each session and your activity on the website. If the website finds irregular login patterns from a different location, they start giving warnings and if the activities continue, it may lead to suspension of the account.

Facebook has taken some potential measure after US Jurisdictions and it's now extremely closely observing user logins and IP-address(es)' geographical origins. We highly recommend using proxies while working with Facebook Spices.

How TexAu works and why we need a proxy?

TexAu uses cookies to authenticate to websites for each user. Our servers are based in Eastern USA so when we log in as you (the user) to any website using your cookies, our server IP address gets logged on the website. So if you're residing in Mumbai and use TexAu to extract data from Facebook, Facebook will see that you're logging in from two different locations back and forth. You are using Facebook App in your cellphone in Mumbai and TexAu servers are trying to authenticate from IP-address in the eastern USA. This is definitely suspicious for the systems and it will trigger warning messages or Facebook may even suspend your account.

Proxies are very helpful to avoid this situation. Proxy service provides you IP-addresses from your geographical area and using proxy TexAu systems will authenticate from your nearest location, this will prevent security warnings and account suspensions.

TexAu supports Luminati and ProxyMesh proxy service platforms. Let's see how you can use ProxyMesh and Luminati proxies with TexAu.

1. Create a Luminati or ProxyMesh account.

Create Luminati or ProxyMesh account. You can only get one account for each IP address. Please do not use your email as username. We have partnered with Luminati and you can get $20 bonus for Static Residential proxy OR if you deposit $250, you will get $250 free for Residential Proxy Network.

2. select the proxy which is nearest to you.

Click on any address to see all the details.

You can change your proxy location from http://proxymesh.com/account/edit_proxies tab under the accounts page.

3. Using Proxy with TexAu Spices and Recipes.

When you open any Spice, you'll see a switch which says "Use Proxy" right above the "Fetch Data" button. Just turn on the switch and add your proxy details.

Make sure your Proxy username and password don't contain any special characters such as '@' or '#'.

Click on "Save Proxy" and you're all set!

Using a proxy is an extra step to avoid getting flagged by the system, it doesn't allow you to anything you want or increase the limits for Spices. You're still using your personal cookie, that identifies you. We do not recommend heavy usages of any individual Spice or running too many spices of the same platform. You may be notified as having a suspicious behavior and flagged.

Proxies don't work yet with Twitter Spices.

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