This is a very basic guide on TexAu Recipes, what it can do and what is coming in the future.

TexAu Recipes is a product by TexAu to scale the power of Automation and connect multiple platforms and services together.

So let's get started.

What are TexAu Recipes?

TexAu Recipes are made by connecting two or more TexAu Spices. Spices? TexAu Spices are single atomic automatic scripts for different social media channels and integration with different services and tools.

Let's take a simple example of an Automation task we need to do.

Task: Pull LinkedIn Profile URLs of each Quora Topic Influences on given topics.

Now we go and try to do this manually, it will take hours but you don't need to worry about this, we have Spices available for Quora and LinkedIn.

Let's see how to make a TexAu Recipe for this particular task:

What do we need to make a TexAu Recipes using Spices?

The very first step in preparing a TexAu Recipe is to check what Spices are available on the platform and how you can use them.

As I see in our Spices list, we have two Spices available:

  1. Quora Topic Influencers: It returns the top 10 posters on a given topic.
  2. LinkedIn URL Finder: This Spice returns the LinkedIn profile URL if the full user name and optional company name is provided.

If we connect the output of the first Spice with the second Spice which is LinkedIn URL Finder, I'll be able to solve this automation task.

Here is what it will look like:

So as you can see in the image above,

Quora Topic Influencer Spice takes Topic as input with the cookies and returns all the user profile data including the Full name. On our platform, you can take the input from the previous spice's output which is very cool 🙂.

LinkedIn Profile Finder takes the output of Quora Influencer as Input and processes it. All our spices take CSV and Google Sheet as inputs so you can process many data at once.

This is how TexAu Recipes works. You can use multiple Spices, take input from the previous Spices and filter out what is not needed. In the end, you will have your final result ready.

What can you do with TexAu Recipes?

TexAu Recipes are very powerful and you can automate many of your manual tasks and use it as a powerful lead generation engine.

Currently, we have over 80+ Spices available on our platform and integration with Zapier, Slack, Google Sheet and we are continuously adding new Spices and integrations with third parties so you can scale the automation and use it for all your marketing and sales efforts.


In the next article, we are going to see how to create TexAu Recipes on TexAu platform and connect different services.

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